Valeria Piazza confesses LIVE that she wants to be a mother: “In about three years” [VIDEO]

Is the stork coming? Valeria Piazza has been going through a difficult time after the contagion of coronavirus from her boyfriend Pierre Cateriano, but she decided to pronounce on one of her dreams: To be a mother.

It all happened in the last edition of More Shows, this December 5. The driver returned after being away for several days, and they presented some notes from the famous women who became pandemic mothers.

Seeing this, Brunella Horna started Valeria piazza with his plans to have a family. “Valeria (makes her want to be a mother),” she said, to later reveal that she had this dream before, but it changed when she had her dog.

“Before I wanted to be a mother, I accept, until I had my puppy. It’s super, a very drastic conversation, but he has his car, I treat him like a baby. Just today I had no way to leave him, and I was going to call Luchito (producer It fills me up, “he said.

Hearing from Brunella Horna about her wishes for motherhood, Valeria piazza he confessed and told his plans with her boyfriend Pierre Cateriano. “No, outside of jokes, in a few more years still. In about three years it could be,” he said.

Valeria Piazza tells how New Year passed and laments: “Locked up in my room and asleep”

Valeria piazza he was absent a few days from America Shows due to her boyfriend Pierre testing positive for the coronavirus, and he recounted how this affected his New Year’s plans.

She even took up to three tests to see if she also had COVID-19. “How many people have spent Christmas alone. I closed myself in New Years, because Pierre tested positive with the molecular, I took three antigens and all negative, but still. Ten and a half was asleep,” he said.