Valeria Piazza congratulated Yahaira Plasencia for paying the entrepreneur and her ex-sister-in-law

Valeria piazza He highlighted the attitude of the sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia when she paid an entrepreneur to whom she owed money for not promoting two jeans that were sent to her on her social networks. The news was released when the businesswoman spoke publicly hoping that the artist would contact her and pay her the 250 soles she owed for breaching her part of the agreement.

That is why the model asserted that “after what he paid his ex-sister-in-law, that is tiny.” He also added that it remains to be seen whether he will sue the person who was paid, as announced by his manager.

Minutes later, Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna joked with the luck of the artist, who would have started the year not in the best way, so that she can take an esoteric bath and leave behind all the bad vibes that she was generating.

Model Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna commented on how nice it would be to host a children’s television show and agreed on what a beautiful experience they would have.

The former beauty queen Valeria Piazza was sincere and confessed that she knows that she does not have natural abilities to do such work, but she did say that she would do everything on her part to make this project go ahead.

The singer Yahaira Plasencia had everything ready to travel to the inauguration of the Margaritaville hotel in the Dominican Republic; However, a COVID-19 rule-out test took away the ability to do so.

In this event she would be surrounded by well-known characters such as Kunno, the singer Farina and more. The news was not well received, since when a molecular test was done, the result came out negative, which means that the model was not infected with said virus at that time.