Valeria Piazza in disguises begins to dance in the same style as Paloma Fiuza: “I have a rhythm”

It was sent with everything. The tender and sweet host of América Espectáculos, Valeria Piazza has been giving face to show business while Rebeca Escribns would be on vacation.

The young model she defends herself before the cameras and this time she was surprised by standing up and throwing herself with everything a few steps from zumba that encouraged her fellow set members to dance.

All this happened when they released a note from Paloma Fiuza who is currently in Brazil with her family and remembered her old days as a dancer.

When listening to the classic songs of Ax Bahía, Valeria could not with the memories and began to move asking that they put the best hymns of those times.

“I have a rhythm”, she is heard saying while her companions are laughing because when they saw her they asked her to sit down.

Valeria Piazza after receiving recognition from EBT: “Thank you who accompany us every day”

Happy for the recognition! The former beauty queen Valeria Piazza has won the affection of the public in America Espectáculos with her witty and sense of humor. The Peruvian model, who was dissatisfied with the elimination of Claudia serpa from Artist of the year, received recognition from the program En boca de todos.

Valeria piazza She used her Instagram account to thank all the people who support her and who continues to learn every day. “Thank you for this nice recognition as a revelation host. I have been part of @americatelevision for 3 years now. I still have a lot to learn, surely some mistakes that will become lessons but I am lucky not to be alone on this path, I go hand in hand with a luxury team that motivates and teaches me “, wrote.