Valeria Piazza on new tailings in This is War: “Beloved TV Characters Will Return”

Valeria piazza She returned to the conduction of + Espectáculos on January 5 after having been in preventive confinement due to the contagion of COVID-19 from her boyfriend. The TV presenter returned recharged with energy and ready to talk about the latest entertainment news, as well as the most controversial news.

This Friday, the former Miss Peru surprised her audience by sharing revealing information when she was talking on the set of her program with her companions Brunella Horna and Ximena Dávila about Hugo García, who said that he would no longer be part of This is War.

After commenting on this note about the current partner of Alessia Rovegno, the former beauty queen was encouraged to tell that the format of the América TV reality show will change completely and it is likely that many former participants will return.

“I don’t know if I can tell it, but I have found out that This is war will change completely, it seems that it will be a whole new format. It will be very different from what we are used to seeing. Hugo García says goodbye to reality … What’s more, we don’t know if there will be so much competition. It will be a totally different format, “said the television host to Horna and Dávila’s surprise.

The Peruvian model and influencer added that not only will there be changes in terms of the modality of the competition reality, but also in the people who will make it up. In that sense, he said that old faces, well known and loved by the audience, would step on the set of This is War.

Beloved characters from television will return … you will be surprised. The first day This is war you have to be stuck there. I do not lie or sell smoke, they will be surprised with this new format. Many will not be there and I think it will be a resounding success”Added the social communicator.

For her part, businesswoman Brunella Horna was not far behind and said that, according to her findings, Erick Elera could be one of the hosts of the new season of the reality show.