Valeria Piazza on the Cayo family: “They are all talented and gorgeous”

Valeria piazza He presented a report on the Cayo family without ceasing to flatter all the talent of its members. As is known, the sisters Barbara, Stephanie and Fiorella have stood out nationally and internationally for their work as actresses.

However, this gift did not remain there and passed from generation to generation; since his children have also inherited his abilities. In that sense, the former beauty queen commented: “It makes me angry, they are all talented, very handsome, they are all pretty and they dance.”

The model Valeria Piazza confessed that she had the worst New Year of her life when she was infected with the COVID-19 virus. The reason for her annoyance was not only due to the contagion, but also because she was away from her boyfriend at the most important moment of the beginning of this 2022.

“I didn’t even eat the grapes. I went to sleep. At 10:30 pm she was asleep ”, were her exact words. Minutes later, she commented that since the news that her boyfriend tested positive, she isolated herself completely and alone in a house.

While Valeria Piazza presented a report about celebrity vacations, she recalled that she was the victim of robbery while on a sightseeing tour in Africa.

In that sense, he recalled the moment that happened: “We were in the safari carts, I turn around and a baboon gets in … he grabbed my backpack, took everything out, stole all the food I had … A little more and closed me the backpack back. He took everything from me, took everything and shared it with the whole family ”. Also, the model stressed how intelligent this animal was to do this feat.