Valeria Piazza throws flowers to Diana Sánchez: “She had everything to win and she left it to be with her boyfriend”

Was moved. Diana Sánchez surprised many by unexpectedly giving up Show Queens when she was one of the favorites, and Valeria Piazza couldn’t help but remember why, to throw flowers on her.

Days after her abrupt departure, the former reality girl finally said that she decided to leave everything to support to her boyfriend Dan in his fight with leukemia, and this was highlighted by the host.

In the latest edition of More Shows, this Wednesday, January 5, first it was Brunella Horna who applauded Diana Sanchez. “At the beginning we did not understand why, it was because of the illness that her boyfriend has,” she said.

Then joined Valeria Piazza, who highlighted the qualities of the former Combate member, and assured that if she had had to do the same with her boyfriend Pierre, she would have done it too.

“Anyone in Diana’s place would have done that. Having all the qualities to win, she was the big favorite, but she did everything she had to do to be with her boyfriend,” she said.

Valeria Piazza tells how New Year passed and laments: “Locked up in my room and asleep”

Valeria piazza he was absent a few days from America Shows due to her boyfriend Pierre testing positive for the coronavirus, and he recounted how this affected his New Year’s plans.

She even took up to three tests to see if she also had COVID-19. “How many people have spent Christmas alone. I closed myself in New Years, because Pierre tested positive with the molecular, I took three antigens and all negative, but still. Ten and a half was asleep,” he said.