Valeria Piazza: To which countries will you travel with your husband Pierre Cateriano for your honeymoon? [VIDEO]

Former Miss Peru, Valeria Piazza, is living a dream with her husband Pierre Cateriano, whom she married on November 19 at a wedding where the figures of the show could not miss. Before going on a trip Honeymoon, she confessed that destinations she traveled with her life partner. Which will be? Here, we tell you.

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Valeria Piazza and Pierre Cateriano: Which countries will you visit for your honeymoon?

The hours don’t matter, destiny is worth it. The model Valeria Piazza You are already at the beginning of your honeymoon celebration trip with your husband Pierre Caterianowho will have a tour of several countries until reaching the final destination in the paradisiacal islands very close to Madagascar, an unexpected place for many.

“We have a stop in Madrid, in Qatar and then we go to Africa, we have a plane that takes us, but the destination is a dream,” explained the newlywed Valeria Piazza for the cameras america showswho could not hide his excitement for announcing the final whereabouts of his honeymoon.

“I’m going to the Seychelles, which is a beach, some spectacular islands, there next to Madagascar,” said the wife of Pierre Caterianowho despite the criticism are living their romance as if it were a story, celebrating with the love of their life in an impressive destination.

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Was Valeria Piazza tired on the day of her marriage?

Not even fatigue interrupted her happiness, the model and television host Valeria Piazza She confessed that the day of her marriage was a very tiring day for her because she was up early preparing to look spectacular, she was even interviewed, but it was not an impediment for her to have fun and have a happy time.

“That day I got up at six in the morning, it was Natalie’s program to interview me, it has been quite a busy day. You arrive and the ceremony has been emotional, crying, already for the party… I had to give everything”, he pointed out Valeria Piazzamaking it clear that the fatigue could not with her and she had an incredible day.