Valeria Piazza: Who is your boyfriend Pierre Cateriano and how did they start their romance?

The model Valeria Piazza recently revealed that she has plans to marry her boyfriend Pierre Cateriano, with whom she has been with more than eleven years. The wedding will take place in October 2022. The young man in love used his social network to share a romantic post, where he highlighted the great relationship he has with his future wife.

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In addition, Pierre confesses that, although Piazza she hangs out with ‘important people’, she would not have changed, and she maintains her essence. This post was shared with a tender photo from the past. The relationship that the driver maintains with her boyfriend is one of the most solid in show business that is why today in The popular We tell you who is the young man who conquered the beautiful model.

Who is Pierre Cateriano

Valeria Piazza on the occasion of her anniversary was encouraged to introduce her boyfriend Pierre Cateriano, in a link with On everyone’s lips. The couple have already lived together for a while and gave details of their romance.

Valeria piazza She described her boyfriend as a very caring person with a heart of gold. “I think our relationship is based on respect and we are like accomplices, we tell each other everything,” said the model and Miss Peru Universe 2016 about her beloved Pierre Cateriano.

Valeria Piazza and Pierre Cateriano how they met

The ex-beauty queen revealed that she met her future husband in college. They were both 20 years old, to which Valeria piazza very excited, she said that they have practically grown together.

Pierre He said that during college, he did group work so that Valeria could fulfill her work commitments. They finished the race together.

Valeria Piazza reveals the secret to a lasting relationship

Miss Peru has had a solid relationship for 11 years with Pierre Cateriano. In 2016, he was encouraged to share with his followers what is the secret of having a relationship of more than a decade. “(The most important thing is) respect.

In 11 years of relationship we have never insulted each other, we have never spoken to each other with any flatness. I really think that would be crossing the line and we have not allowed it, “wrote the young model.