Valeria Piazza’s boyfriend shares an emotional post after 11 years of relationship: “She is still her, my Vale”

Recently, the model, Valeria Piazza revealed that she has plans to marry her boyfriend Pierre Cateriano, with whom he has been with more than eleven years. The wedding will take place in October 2022. However, very little has been heard from the person who has stolen the heart of the former Miss Peru Universe. All this, after rumors, that Valería would be with COVID-19.

The young man used his social network to share a romantic post, where he highlighted the great relationship he has with his future wife. Likewise, Pierre confesses that, although Piazza she hangs out with ‘important people’, she would not have changed, and she maintains her essence. This post was shared with a tender photo from the past.

“Photo from about 9 or 10 years ago, I still didn’t know that I had won the lottery. At that time I worked in the port while I was studying. She, likewise, went to an office then studied and came back at nights and weekends to work “, it reads at the beginning.

“Okay, I still wanted to go out (typical of a girl of that age) (…) I am not very partying but for her I was always there, smiling; I do not drink so I could notice the fatigue in her eyes, she danced, sang, he was having fun, “he added.

On the other hand, Valeria Piazza’s boyfriend recalled anecdotes from his past with the model, he commented that today “things have changed a bit.”

“Vale has grown a lot, now I hear her in meetings with ‘important’ people talking about big things but when I turn around and look at her, it is still her, my Vale, the one who thanks me for ‘being there’ with her eyes, the one who works and works and even if she is super tired she breathes and continues, the one who has fun but until early because tomorrow she has a long day, “she concluded.

Valería Piazza responds to Pierre

The model did not hesitate to answer the post: “I have remembered so much reading this, 11 years in which we have grown together and also overcame many obstacles hand in hand. I am lucky to have you in my life. I love you infinitely”, she replied.