Valeria trolls Yahaira after paying the entrepreneur: “After the S / 20 thousand that she gave to her ex-sister-in-law”

He left with everything! Yahaira Plasencia finds herself in the eye of the storm again after paying an entrepreneur who publicly denounced her, and Valeria Piazza did not hesitate to remind her of everything she lived through due to Olenka Mejía, he did so LIVE.

It all happened in the last edition of Más Espectáculos, this Wednesday, January 12. The drivers highlighted that the sauce boat had already reached an agreement with the businesswoman and paid her for the jeans. However, the former Miss Peru was outraged.

“Yahaira paid the girl on the 7th, and the negative comments continued …”, Valeria Piazza said about the attitude that this girl would have had by not making it clear to her followers that they had already paid her.

For this reason, Brunella Horna took the opportunity to advise Yahaira Plasencia. “In truth it is better to avoid reaching this point. December is a busy month, but you have to take time,” he said, and then made known how much he had to pay.

The singer gave S / 150 for two jeans, and upon hearing this fact, Valeria piazza He recalled the legal process he lost with his brother’s ex-partner, Olenka Mejía. “After what he paid his ex-sister-in-law, the S / 20 thousand, it is nothing,” he sentenced.

Giselo reminds Yahaira Plasencia of her ampay with Nesty and she patches it: “Don’t be a clown”

A few weeks ago, Edson Dávila could not with his genius and asked Yahaira Plasencia about his kiss with Nesty when he was defending Florcita Polo. “And Nesty, yahaira?”, Said Giselo, to which she responded with everything, patching him. “Don’t be a clown,” he said.