Valery Burga demonstrates demeaning attitude and verbally assaults Evelyn Vela [VIDEO]

Regrettable. Once again Evelyn Vela is in the eye of the storm after her separation from Valery Burga. The Peruvian verbally attacked her using strong qualifiers, as heard in the audio broadcast on the “Amor y Fuego” program. The former model, who no longer wants to know anything about him, shared these tests on television.

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After saying that his love was over, and that he was the one who made the drastic decision to end the relationship, Valery had a denigrating attitude and verbally attacked the famous “Queen of the South”. Apparently, it was she herself who recorded a telephone conversation and, without any hesitation, shared it on national television.

What did the Peruvian who lives in Florida, United States, tell you? “I left you a long time ago, you are the worst thing that has happened to me in my life. I tell you in your face, say it and put it wherever you want”, is heard in the audios broadcast by the Willax space led by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter. Also, he used strong qualifiers against her.

Despite her insults that were heard on television, the Ica woman does not regret having married him. “I got married very much in love with the man. I didn’t get married for papers because the man is not yet an American. All the people thought that I got married for papers, but I got married very much in love.” clarified LIVE.

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Evelyn Vela proclaims herself “widow” after separation from Valery Burga: “For me she died a long time ago”

With the style that characterizes her, Evelyn Vela proclaimed herself “widow” after the separation with the Peruvian Valery Burga, who continues to shoot at her at close range. “I am a widow, for me she died a long time ago,” she said this afternoon on the “Amor y Fuego” program, Melissa Klug’s “pinky” who is on the warpath against him.

The attitudes of her still husband have more than annoyed the “Queen of the South”. Today, Thursday, September 22, she appeared on Rodrigo González’s program, “Peluchín” and destroyed her ex-partner. He has a root complex about him. He said that he was never going to return to Peru and ended up marrying a Peruvian.”