Valery Burga forgets Evelyn Vela and makes a strong comment: “I regret having married her”

He left with everything! Valery Burga has been in the eye of the storm after starring in a controversial ampay with a young girl despite being married to Evelyn Vela, which was taken as infidelity and led her to announce her separation. However, not everything would be what it seems, according to this.

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The barber made Celia Rodríguez official, the young woman with whom he was captured as his official partner, and both recently showed off together in social networks calling each other with romantic nicknames like “my darling” and “my most beautiful coincidence”.

Now, Valery Burga He decided to break his silence and reappear from Miami, USA, just after Evelyn Vela was supported by kissing a young stranger to attack her.

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In conversation with a reporter from love and fire, The man not only made it clear that he had already forgotten the popular “Queen of the South”, but he also did not want to know anything more about her with a strong comment without mincing words.

“Do you regret having married Evelyn?” Was the question that the communicator asked Valery Burga through a phone call, to which he answered emphatically: “I regret it, yes. I regret it”, in an interview that will be broadcast in its entirety this Friday, September 9.

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Valery Burga swears that Evelyn Vela “does not satisfy him”

However, that was not all, Valery Burga denied to evelyn candle publicly after she said that he did not come to Peru because of his citizenship papers, and told his truth by saying that she “does not satisfy him” and does not want to see her anymore.

“I am not anyone’s clown, that lady (Evelyn) seems to be used to that and has no shame, no shame, no dignity. She doesn’t feel like going (to Lima), I don’t want to go see her, because I don’t want to go. I cannot condemn my life to be with a person who no longer fills or satisfies me, “she sentenced.