Valery Revello empathizes with Rosa Fuentes and reveals that there are few faithful footballers: “With the fair 2”

He spoke loud and clear. Valery Revello She did not feel alien to the new ampay of Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo, who were caught kissing in a country house, after the footballer was expelled from a League 1 match. Sergio Peña’s ex-wife was moved by the new message from Rosa Fuentes, still the wife of ‘Caballito’. She assured that these new images of her only make her stronger and more determined to get ahead with her children and the one who is on the way.

“Forgive me, but yuck! This situation is not unknown to me at all coming from these people… All my support for you (to Rosa Fuentes)”, Revello began by saying. Likewise, he highlighted the strength of mothers. “How strong we mothers are and even worse when we go through infidelities having children and being so exposed,” he added.

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Valery Revello knows closely the infidelity of footballers

In another part of the message, Valery Revello comments that this type of ampayes is not new to her, after having known this world up close by being with Sergio Peña, father of her only daughter, for more than five years.

“I have never said it, but throughout my old relationship I made many friends for life in football and with just two or three they are saved from this. I love you so much girls. You know who you are,” she expressed.

Message from Valery Revello. Photo: Instagram

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Rosa Fuentes’ statement

Hours before the new uncovering of Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo was broadcast, Mrs. Rosa Fuentes did not hesitate to speak on her official Facebook account. First, she thanked those who cared for her and sent her messages of encouragement. Later, she specified that this new ampay will not affect her, much less put her pregnancy at risk.

Rosa Fuentes issues a statement through her Facebook account.

“The truth does not surprise me, they are two people who have no shame and even a little respect for children and a pregnant woman (…). They are such for which, they do deserve. This does not humiliate me anymore, if that was what they wanted to achieve, this makes me stronger and more sure of the decision I made.”wrote.