Vanesa Valencia had an affair with Christian Domínguez and Karla Tarazona reacts: “We share the same thing”

Fire! Christian Domínguez has had to talk about his love life over the years, since various infidelities have been accused of him. However, now it turns out that not all of his ex-employees knew each other, sos Vanessa Valencia of Vanessa and the tremendous revealed that both had a closeness in the past. This fact led Karla Tarazona to react.

It all happened in the last edition of turn on, this Tuesday April 18. The popular singer came as a guest to the segment of “The trampoline of Préndete“When they began to pronounce on the leader of the Great International Orchestra regarding a comment from Nosy about the affair he had with his co-host.

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At this, one of the invited comedians then addressed Vanessa Valencia and threw her out when she told that she had an affair with christian dominguez in the past. “Vanessa has to give her opinion because she has been to Christian Domínguez’s school,” she said with a laugh, which shocked more than one on set.

The leader herself Vanessa and the tremendous he didn’t deny it, and simply smiled, which led to Karla Tarazona to react. “We shared the same thing, but not in the same year,” she said, hinting that he would have been aware of this romance prior to the broadcast of the Pan American program.

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Karla Tarazona and Vanesa Valencia star in an awkward moment

Despite the fact that he joked about the relationship of Vanesa Valencia and Christian Domínguez, Karla Tarazona He couldn’t help but patch up his guest moments later, seeing that she was taking some liberties with the contestants of “El trampolín de Préndete”.

“You are just a guest,” the driver told her, to which she responded without a filter and reminded her of a disagreement she would have had with Yolanda Medina a few days before. “Thank you Karla, but you can’t pretend to dump me like Yolanda,” she specified. However, Tarazona did not remain silent and she told him: “Everyone in her place”, ending the awkward moment.