Vanessa Terkes and Juan Sheput: How long have you known each other and what relationship do you have?

After divorcing the former mayor of La Victoria, George Forsyth, Vanessa Terkes has been seen with the politician John Sheput since last year. Neither of them hides and the actress has said that she will continue to see them together, although she has not wanted to reveal if they are a couple.

YOU CAN SEE: Vanessa Terkes would be dating former Minister Juan Sheput: “I’m happy” [VIDEO]

Apparently, love would have once again knocked on the doors of the heart of vanessa terkes, but she has only preferred to say that she is happy. Therefore, the following question arises: How did you meet Juan Sheput and what relationship do they have?

How did Vanessa Terkes and Juan Sheput meet?

After being caught on camera “Love and Fire”, Vanessa Terkes She is the only one who has come out to talk about her relationship with Juan Sheput. The actress said that she met him in February 2021, just as she met other people in politics. She also revealed that if they are “protected” at strange hours, it is because he does not have much time, well, to work.

“I met him in February, like many people who work in politics… They don’t have time to say ‘let’s go to lunch’ because they are constantly working; So, I have to adapt to their times. That it is not strange that they see me at 6:00 am with Juan Sheputo with Marisol Espinoza, “she detailed in August of last year for América Espectaculos.

On that occasion, vanessa terkes revealed that he had a good relationship with John Sheput And he just gave her flowers. “She is a person that I like incredible. He is an excellent politician, a person with whom I talk about everything, he knows everything (…) They will continue to see me with Juan because he would not have a reason not to.”

What link does Vanessa Terkes have with Juan Sheput?

Although neither of the two has confirmed any relationship between the two, the alarms have been turned on again when a few days ago they were seen together again by the cameras of “Amor y Fuego”. When asked, vanessa terkes he would have talked more than necessary, without realizing it.

“I say, why say. In a relationship, the third party comes out superfluous. I mean…if it had to be. Now I’m happy sister, can’t you see me? I’m happy. Sister, I am happy, happy, full, “he said. vanessa terkes, who added: “Let things arrive as they have to arrive. One falls in love with a beautiful feeling, not because he is looking. He has to be an intelligent, honest, hard-working person who pushes you forward, mature, who knows what he wants”.

According to “Love and Fire”, apparently Vanessa Terkes and Juan Sheput They would already be flirting for a long time, so the Peruvian actress sent the reporter from “Amor y Fuego” to investigate.

Who is Juan Sheput?

John Sheput He was born on February 18, 1961 and is an industrial engineer by profession and also a Peruvian politician. In the period 2016 to 2019 he was a congressman of the Republic and also Minister of Labor during the government of Alejandro Toledo in 2005. He also repeated the same dish in 2020 during the brief government of Manuel Merino.