Vania Bludau blocks the user for saying that she does not work or study: “You will never know my life”

The former reality girl Vania Bludau lives one of the best moments of her life in Miami, Florida. the ex-partner of Mario Irivarren she would have found love after showing off a romantic photo next to a lover, who hugs her tightly. She appears as happy as possible next to the young man who colors her new life far from Peru and the ampays.

In addition, the model and influencer is very happy, because she froze her eggs and she will be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother when she decides. She had planned this decision since she was a couple of the remembered ‘Flirty Skull’. “Yes or yes I have to be a mother, if he doesn’t want ‘bye’, I do want to have children,” she said in 2021. Now she has the opportunity to make it happen.

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Vania shared a video on instagram showing her sexy outfit that exposed her well-formed and worked anatomy. “This outfit,” she wrote her description. A user questioned her: “Clear advertising to attract attention, something else, she doesn’t know about studies, work, or anything,” she wrote. the ex of christian dominguez responded immediately.

“You will never know my life, we are not friends, family, or neighbors,” she wrote in the comment of the young woman who criticized her without knowing her. Her followers came to her defense. “What do you know about the life of others? Go worry about your life”, “People who are not happy do not get into the lives of others, you keep shining” and “That is a worked and natural body. The best it is still PERUVIAN. Blessings, successes and up PERU,” they commented.

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Vania Bludau reappears with a mysterious tummy: Pregnant?

At 32 years old, Vania Bludau surprised by wearing a mysterious tummy in their networks. The users speculated that she would be pregnant, and much more after her comment about it “I want to show you how I have grown,” said the former member of ‘Combate’, who dreams of having children at some point in her life . “And you sure believed it,” she added between laughs.

The model was about to marry the American Frank Dellorusso, but they ended for no known reason. After several years away, he married another woman and has just become a father to the surprise of the former reality and influencer girl, who would be in love again. So far, he does not make the love relationship official.