Vania Bludau’s before and after photos: how did she evolve over the years?

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women on Peruvian television, we are referring to Vania Bludau, a former dancer from “Beautiful soul” and former reality show competitor “This is war” Y “Combat”. Next, we show you photographs that show how the influencer and ex-partner of Mario Irivarren has been changing.

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Vania Bludau in “Alma Bella”

With only 19 years old, vania bludau who was already working as a hostess and model, joined the cumbia group “Alma Bella” with an enviable figure, she looked slim and showed sensuality.

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Vania Bludau in “Combat”

At this stage she looked much slimmer and without so many pronounced curves. Let us remember that years later, Vania Bludau returned to “Combat” and looked as seen on the right side of the photograph.

Vania Bludau in “This Is War”

In 2014, Vania Bludau entered the reality show “This is war” wasting a lot of sensuality, as she is used to doing, because she has always worn a statuesque figure that attracts a lot of attention. At that time, she looked a little plumper, but always pretty.

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Vania Bludau currently

The model vania bludau She was harshly criticized at the time for her physique, so from that moment she cares much more about her body and staying in training, not only for aesthetics, but also for health, as she revealed that she suffers from hypothyroidism.