Venezuela elections 2021: check where you have to vote and what is your voting table

The 2021 regional elections in Venezuela will be held this Sunday, November 21, 2021. In this electoral process, all executive and legislative positions of the 23 federal entities will be renewed, as well as that of the 335 municipalities of the country. Do you want to know where you have to pay? Do not miss all the details of the following note.

How do you know where to vote? Follow the next steps:

It is the organism that in Venezuela the Electoral Power governs, that is, it is the one who is responsible for ensuring that the processes related to elections and referendums are transparent and trustworthy. Likewise, it ensures the transparency of the electoral day in order to maintain high reputation and continue to encourage citizens to participate in Venezuelan democracy, maintaining harmony in society.

In this way, the CNE Its mission is to control all activities related to electoral processes in an organized, well-managed and supervised manner.

To proceed to register in the National Electoral Council and participate in the electoral processes held in the country, you must follow the following steps.

The population of Venezuela will participate this Sunday, November 21, in the electoral process to elect its state governors, mayors and municipal councilors. They will be the first elections in which the opposition has participated since 2017. But, although these elections mark some changes with respect to the previous ones, it is unlikely that they will entail a real transformation of the country’s situation.