Verónica Linares: The reason for her complaint that she managed to capture a man and why she is still in danger

Host Verónica Linares has been celebrating the success of her YouTube channel called “La Linares”after having reached more than 100,000 subscribers in his interviews with highly controversial celebrities such as Gisela Valcárcel or Magaly Medina, giving him a good reach of reproductions.

However, not everything has been positive for the journalist, since some time ago she pointed out that an unknown person was waiting for her on the outskirts of america television to annoy her, worrying her a lot. Is your complaint about her related to this case? We tell you all the details, here.

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What was the reason for the complaint that Verónica Linares made to a man?

In May 2021, the journalist reported that a man with an apparent mental problem came to the door of her house and scared her, this situation did not change over time and, on the contrary, it got worse. This April 15, she tried to hit her husband and threatened to kill him.

The fact caused so much concern in the news host that she decided to report it and the Police managed to quickly assist her to take him into custody. The news was released through the Veronica Linares Twitter account.

“After two years, I have decided to denounce Winston Ezequiel Manrique Canales for harassment. He came to my house at 10:30 pm and was aggressive. He tried to hit my husband and threatened to kill him. I called 105 and the Police have arrested him. Now, everything is in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office on duty ”, he reads.

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Why is Verónica Linares still in danger?

Despite being detained, the journalist She is not free of danger, because her stalker’s mental condition will set him free in the next few hours if a medical examination is not carried out, so he can bother her again.

“Winston Ezequiel Manrique Canales has a license from the mimpconadis with code for severe schizophrenia. He has 51 police interventions. 21 complaints for harassment. But since he is not imputable, the State protects him. Who protects us? “He commented in Twitter.

In another recent tweet, he expressed his concern: “The Prosecutor’s Office gave 18 hours to Police for errands. Psychological evaluation is necessary for the detainee but today, Sunday, psychologists from the Prosecutor’s Office DO NOT WORK. At 8pm Winston Manrique leaves, the state protects him. Who protects me and family?” he said.

Verónica Linares worried about what will happen to her stalker in the next few hours. Source: Twitter.

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Verónica Linares worried about her husband

Because her stalker’s behavior was quite aggressive, the friend of Federico Salazar She pointed out that she was concerned that her husband would react with a blow and end up being reported because the victim has mental problems.

“After what this guy did last night, what was I afraid of? Obviously my husband would react and hit him and he would end up being sued. We had everything to lose and that scared me because I wanted him to step on the stick.” , he pointed.