Verónica Linares: who is her husband and how did they meet

The journalist Verónica Linares is one of the figures of America Television. Beside Federico Salazar they host the morning news America news from Monday to Friday, which is why he has been in journalism for several years. But in addition to being a great professional, “La Linares”, as many know her, she has a beautiful established family.

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Veronica Linares She lives with the father of her children and last year she gave birth to a girl, after many years of becoming a mother. Thus, the journalist embarked on a new challenge: to raise a baby again. But in addition to that, many wonder who her husband is and how they met. In this note from El Popular we tell you.

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Verónica Linares: Who is your husband?

the husband of Veronica Linares is named Alfredo Rivero Grandson and she is a person who keeps a low profile, very different from the journalist who is very active on social networks and more so now with her YouTube channel called “La Linares”.

On Alfredo Rivera Grandson It is known that he is a prestigious lawyer by profession and would also be part of the list of the most prominent and influential legal teams in Peru. In addition, he is the father of Verónica Linares’ two children. In 2013 his first child was born and in 2020 his second child.

What’s more, Alfredo Rivera Grandson It has appeared very few times on television. The first time it happened was when Verónica Linares presented it when she was already pregnant with her first child, in 2013; while on Instagram there are few and few snapshots together or with the family.

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Verónica Lineares: How did you meet your husband?

Recently in an interview with the warrior Ignacio Baladán, the journalist Veronica Linares revealed through her YouTube channel how and where she met her husband, Alfredo Rivera Nieto. She without mincing words confessed that she had met him at a nightclub.

“Do you know where I met my husband? In a disco. Bone told me: Shall we dance? And now then. If I have ever told the story, by part, but I don’t know if here. She was with a friend and she said to me: Shall we dance? He’s really cool**, so imagine, that day I wasn’t thinking that I was going to find a partner, but look, since then we haven’t separated again and we have two children. Anything can happen,” he said. Veronica Linares.

What’s more, Veronica Linares rrevealed that twelve years ago he did not plan to have children and now he has two. His last creature was born in 2020 during the pandemic. She worked on the news all this time, despite the exposure to COVID-19, however, she had an uneventful pregnancy.

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Is Veronica Linares married?

Even though Veronica Linares and Alfredo Rivero Nieto They maintain a consolidated and stable relationship, apparently they would not be married until today’s date. This was revealed by the same journalist in November 2021 during an interview with Natalie Vértiz for “You are in All”. “Until now we are not married, it is that nobody wants to make me the exchange.”

In that same interview, Veronica Linares told about the problem she had getting pregnant. As she revealed, her gynecologist told her that she had the reproductive system of a woman 10 years older, so she was traumatized and she had to talk to her partner about her issue in order to get pregnant.

“How was I going to practice, I had to talk to Alfredo, he was my boyfriend, we didn’t have those plans (…) I was nervous until one day I told him crying, traumatized, I wasn’t going to blackmail him, knowing what I’m doing. I’m not like that, so I told him and he said ‘oh yes, of course’ and after a month I got pregnant”, she said at that time.