Vicente Fernández already breathes without an artificial fan

The Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, who has been hospitalized since last August, has shown a slight improvement in his health.

The doctors of the “Charro de Huentitán” reported that the artist continues to show gradual progress in the functions of his body.

“With continuous multidisciplinary medical care to maintain and improve their health, as of today – Tuesday, November 16 – greater cooperation and improvement in their spontaneous breathing status has been achieved,” says the statement published by the family. .

The document shared on social networks adds: “Currently (Vicente Fernández is) stable, awake during the day, conscious and with greater interaction,” they added. “It remains with cardiovascular stability.”

According to information from the Mexican journalist Juan José Origel, the family of the interpreter of “Por tu maldito amor” is making preparations for the Fernández to return to the “Los Tres Potrillos” ranch for the end of the year parties.

The interpreter arrived at a private hospital in Guadalajara in early August after suffering a fall that caused a blow to the cervicals near the skull, injuring the spinal cord and leaving him without movement of his arms and legs.

Due to this, the singer had to undergo emergency surgery that caused respiratory deterioration and therefore had to be connected to artificial respiration and consequently completely sedated to facilitate his recovery.

Fernández suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome, a condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves and which can lead to paralysis, which has nothing to do with the fall, according to statements from his family.

The specialists who attend to the interpreter of “The King” and “Too bad you’re alien” pointed out that he continues “stable, more alert and cooperative in the rehabilitation therapy” he receives to regain the mobility of his limbs.