Víctor Víctor will be remembered in “Ser Humano” by Teleantillas

The journalist and television producer María Elena Núñez will remember next Saturday 20 of this month in the series Inspiradores, through her television program “Ser Humano” that is broadcast on Teleantillas, the passage through the life of singer-songwriter Víctor Víctor who died because of Covid-19.

His family and friends ponder his artistic career, while his wife, Zobeida Ferreras, who, together with their children, Ian and Amy, address aspects of their role as father and husband.

Zobeida Ferreras, with whom he shared more than 4 decades, between the years of “love” and married; and their children, Ian and Amy.

During the program, the family always remembers him happy, they feel him present and agree that he was a different artist. “He always said that making art was only done by someone else, that it was simply a profession like any other, that he made sure that people enjoyed his music and he enjoyed it,” says his son Ian.

His close friends Freddy Ginebra, Jochy Sánchez, Chanel Mateo Rosa, José Antonio Rodríguez and Pavel Núñez, praise his human qualities and talent, while recalling the meetings they held every December 11 to celebrate the birthday of the author of “Bedside table ”, Among other musical hits.

Freddy Ginebra, founder of Casa de Teatro, touched on various topics about his relationship with Víctor Víctor, as well as anecdotes.

The singer-songwriter Pavel Núñez stated that when he established a relationship of friendship with the now deceased Victor Victor, he underwent a metamorphosis, because he began as a father and in the end he felt it as such.

The also singer-songwriter and former Minister of Culture, José Antonio Rodríguez, recalled the impact he caused in Nicaragua when they performed the song We Are Lovers of Peace, whose theme they wrote. Guitarist, drummer, composer, “sonero de alma y corazón”, he projected bachata internationally with “Mesita de Noche”, entered politics when he was just 12 years old and expressed through his songs and with various initiatives in political organizations and outside of these, his desire to achieve a more equitable society. Music, family, friends, and social engagement were among his priorities.

The realization of this series of “Inspiradores” and the Ser Humano program is in charge of Gelen Gil Producciones, a company dedicated to the creation and production of audiovisual content, which emerged in 2016, after its director Gelen Gil worked more than 20 years offering its services as an independent producer.

Inspiradores can be seen live, every Saturday at 11:00 pm, on Teleantillas; by TV Quisqueya on Sundays at 10:00 pm for the Latino community in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and on our YouTube channel: SerHumanoTV., link http://youtube.com/c/SerHumanoTV

Víctor Víctor died on July 16, 2020 due to Covid-19. His death caused great regret in the population and his career was weighed by personalities and the foreign press, who highlighted his contributions to the development of Dominican music, particularly bachata and son, genres that he embraced as an artist.

Of his trajectory

Victor José Victor Rojas, known as Víctor Víctor, (Vitico), was born in Santiago on December 11, 1948. He was very young when his father taught him to play the first notes of the guitar.

At the age of 17 he composed songs like “El camino de los lovers”, popularly called “La Casita”, and “La Confusión”, both recorded by Felipe Pirela.

His songs were performed by artists such as Celia Cruz, Emmanuel, Danny Rivera, Charytin Goico, Milly Quezada, Sonia Silvestre, Sergio Vagas and the Rosario Brothers, among others.

In 2006 he recorded Bachata entre amigos, a production in which he plays a duet, hits by singer-songwriters such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Pablo Milanés, Fito Páez, Joaquín Sabina, Víctor Manuel and Pedro Guerra, among others.