Video | Dominican Sharlene Taulé composes new song by Christina Aguilera

This Thursday the American singer Christina Aguilera premiered at the Latin Grammy gala, the song is Spanish “Somos Nada”. The song was co-written by the Dominican actress and singer-songwriter Sharlene Taulé next to Mario Domm, by Camila and producer Federico Vindver.

The Creole singer, who on November 12th released her song “Dopamina”, the second that works hand in hand with her new record label, Warner Music, could not hide her emotion when she saw the successful Anglo-Saxon artist on stage performing the subject of which she was a part as a co-author.

A video uploaded by Taulé shows the moment in which Aguilera, with the vocal quality that characterizes her, interprets the song, which marks her return to music in Spanish with a renewed physical and musical image.

“The most beautiful night I could have dreamed of. Today @xtina sang #SomosNada in the #latingrammy and my inner child could not feel happier! When we wrote this song we did not know that this would happen and seriously, I just tell you, do what comes from your heart because it will always be worth it, “he wrote next to the video.

The song is titled “We are nothing.” It is said that since Xtina heard the demo, she loved the lyrics from beginning to end, so she did not hesitate to record it.

“Everything is a process and God’s timing is perfect! In the first video I’m smiling, in my element, composing with one of the greatest #mariodomm and one of the producers that I respect the most @fedevind, ”he wrote in another Instagram post.

“Somos Nada” and “Pa ‘Mis Muchachas”, a song of total girl power In which he was accompanied by three of the girls of the moment Becky G, Nathy Peluso and Nicki Nicole, they will be part of his highly anticipated EP that will be released in 2022. This EP represents his return to his Latin roots that promises to revolutionize music.