Video | Joe Veras suffers a pre-infarction during live show and everything is captured

An anguishing moment, both for him and for his musicians and the audience, was lived by the Dominican bachatero Joe Veras during one of his shows in the United States. The beloved Dominican interpreter suffered a pre-infarction while on stage and everything was captured on video.

As the audiovisual shows, the bachatero from one moment to another suffers a pain in his chest that forces him to drop the microphone and has to be assisted by his musicians. Fortunately, everything was in shock and the artist himself expressed it hours later from the hospital.

Veras reported Tuesday that he is recovering after suffering a health situation while entertaining the party last Sunday in the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States.

In the video, which circulates on social networks, you can see the moment when Veras suffered the mishap. While performing the song “Luto en mi corazón” and it was chanted by the audience, you can see when the artist drops the microphone after receiving an apparent “shock”.

Veras said on his Instagram account that due to the situation he had to be entered and added that an activity that he had scheduled in Monte Plata had to suspend it.

“In this way I want to inform you that in our activity last Sunday, December 12, 2021, I had a health situation, for which I was admitted to the hospital. The specialists told me that they would have to keep me under observation until tomorrow, “wrote the author of Summer Letter.

He added that due to this situation he had to postpone the party he had in Monte Plata, for which he apologized “with his soul and thank you for your understanding.”

He emphasized that “thank God I am stable and everything is in order. So the party goes on and we’ll see you this weekend in Santiago RD ”.