Video | Miss RD Universe recounts how she met her father on Facebook at age 16

His story seems taken from a fairy tale or from the mind of a writer of a Mexican soap opera. He grew up with his mother in Azua, without knowing his father. But with the need to do so, that is why he went to social networks with the only information of his father’s name. He wrote to everyone he met by that name, until he received the response he expected.

“My dad and I met when I was 16 years old, I found it on Facebook, it would seem like a movie, but I believe a lot in destiny, and when things are for you, they are for you. Now my dad and I have a very beautiful relationship ”, this is how Debbie Aflalo described the encounter with her father, an Israeli who she met when she was a teenager and on her own initiative. He searched for it, until he found it.

Finding it wasn’t easy, he says. “I started looking for him because I needed a father figure and I felt that lack, there were many people with his name, I sent emails, private messages and photos and he was the only one who answered me as a father would, he said ‘yes, you you are my daughter. ‘ When I showed my mother her photo, she confirmed that he was my father; then he came to meet me and declared me ”, he explained.

“It is a very beautiful story and what motivated me to participate in the Miss RD was knowing that the contest would take place in the land of my father, Israel,” he confesses.

She represented Azua and stayed with the position of first finalist in the Miss Dominican Republic Universe, finally the young woman will achieve her goal of representing the country in the Miss Universe, after the organization reported that, by catching COVID-19, the winner Andreína Martínez Fournier, could not travel to the universal contest.

Debbie, who was a favorite from the start of the contest, has a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations and a professional model.

He made a technician in Fashion Design and has the studies of Cabin Crew and is currently studying an MBA in International Trade. He speaks English, he likes reading, exercising, he loves the beach and volleyball.

His favorite food is mangú, tres hits and avocado. He identifies with Oscar de la Renta, for being a low-income Dominican who triumphed in the world of fashion, becoming one of the most recognized and admired designers around the world, a symbol of respect and success. Giving value to the phrase “He who perseveres triumphs”, I would like to make a difference and leave a mark as much as he did.