Video | This was the presentations of Juan Luis Guerra and Anthony Santos at the Latin Grammy

“How proud of being a Dominican and of the teacher Juan Luis Guerra. From a distance I saw this video and tears came to my eyes ”, this is one of the comments of one of the social network users after seeing the video of the presentation of the singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra.

The native of San Pedro de Macorís was one of the winners of a gala that once again demonstrated the strength of Latin music, without restrictions, as before the pandemic.

With his presentation, Juan Luis put artists and the general public to dance, who regardless of their generation enjoyed the chords of the singer-songwriter, who at the end of his presentation paid a tribute to the great Johnny Ventura, with an image of him on the wallpaper. generating more applause.

The singer took his first gramophone for the arrangement of the new version of the iconic song “Ojalá que llueva Café” that he recorded on the album “Privé”.

Guerra also received the statuettes for “Best Tropical Song” for his performance in “Dios thus lo lo lo” with Camilo, Ricardo Montaner and Yasmil Marrufo. While the second was for “Best long version music video” for the song “Entre mar y palmeras”, the title of his most recent record production and “Best pop vocal album” for his album “Privé”.

The voice of “El Mayimbe” of bachata, Anthony Santos, was also heard on the stage of the awards. HE was the guest of the urban Puerto Rican singer of Dominican origin, Ozuna, who performed the song “Señor Judge.”

With his presentation, Santos once again made it clear why he is one of the most sought-after exponents in the country

“Long live the Dominican Republic!” Was the shout with which the artist ended his presentation, achieving an ovation from the public present at the MGM in Las Vegas.