Videos| Shakira shows a trampled heart and a harsh message

What if “it wasn’t your fault…”, what if “Neither mine”. since a few days, Shakira has been sharing on his social networks some phrases that have been interpreted by some of his fans as a confession of what happened in his relationship with Gerard Piqué. Others take it for granted that it is their new songsomething that could be confirmed with the image of a trampled heart that seems to be part of the video clip that will accompany the theme.

The clip of a few seconds was accompanied with new messages. “I never said anything, but it hurt me. I knew this would happen”. Is song seems to be a musical release after his breaking off the father of her two children. And it should not be ruled out. Composers usually narrate stories that happen to them or to someone close to them.

So far the date on which the singer will release her new single is unknown, which will follow Congratulationsa theme that many considered was a hint to the father of their children because of what the lyrics say, even because of some movements he makes Shakira in your video.

The artist has reiterated that in this difficult moment, music has been her relief.

In the revealing interview he gave to Elle magazine, he confessed: “Music is a lifesaver. There have been days when I have had to pick up my pieces from the ground. And the only way to do it, to really do it, has been through music.” “There were other times when work scared me…I just wanted to be there with my kids. I mean, I just wanted to stay in bed, snuggled up with my kids. But I had to get up, shoot a video and do my chores.”