Villa Altagracia celebrates with joy the first Latin Grammy of Sergio Vargas

Between applause, chants and joy, that’s how the merenguero was received Sergio Vargas in his municipality, Villa Altagracia, after achieving the first Latin Grammy of his career.

In various videos you can see the hubbub of an entire town, which recognized the black boy from Villa, a drum with the statuette embedded in one of the sides, for the award obtained in the previous show that the Latin Academy of the recording.

“What you can be sure of is that whatever recognition is given to Sergio Vargas, I immediately come and deliver it to Villa Altagracia”, said the renowned merenguero.

He said the Latin Grammy statuette he received represents a recognition of his 35-year career and a push to continue.

This was revealed by the merenguero Free Journal after being awarded in the category of “Best merengue and / or bachata album” for his album “Es merengue, ¿some problema?”, at the gala held this Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

“Thirty-five years after being in this career uninterruptedly, in the midst of the crisis that our genre is experiencing due to the lack of diffusion, as far as we all know, receiving this invitation for me was a source of inspiration,” he said.

Villa’s black man beat Alexandra, Manny Cruz, Luis Segura and Fernando Villalona, ​​who were also nominated.