‘Virtual’ falls: How frequent and dangerous are they?

He has called curiosity and even suspicion the declarations of the Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez that he broke his shoulder in various parts for a fall he suffered while playing with his son in a virtual reality scenario.

“Some people have not believed in what he has said, and in fact, in Mexico they have begun to make conjectures, but those of us who know about this subject do know that this happens, it is more, much more frequent than they can imagine” explains Jorge Dipré, an expert on the subject.

He details that knowing that virtual reality is the main technology that serves as the basis for metaverseit is necessary to use immersive glasses “that introduce you to that world you are exploring and really, there comes a time when you lose all contact with your true reality, and that is where the danger lies,” says the specialist in the subject.

About the metaverse, for better understanding, he reports that it is a concept of a persistent online 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces. “Those who do not dominate this type of technology, and even those who do, can be affected by the risks of losing in your mind that base reality that is the one we live in and letting yourself be trapped by the virtual one. So, when you get confused, I say it like this so that it is understood, you may believe that you are in the virtual one and risk having an accident, as happened to that man, or that you believe that you are in your true reality, and lose in the game”.

about the glasses

For Dipré, this tool is necessary to transport you to virtual reality, since it is the one that blocks the real environment of the person who agrees to “enter” a virtual reality that brings its consequences. “These glasses can make us lose track of space and time where we are physically. And that is where the risk takes center stage, causing blows and falls that are the most common accidents derived from the use of virtual reality. It can happen to anyone, but more so to those who do not have the necessary experience to immerse themselves in that world”, says the young expert.

He answered the question of why play this if it represents a risk, saying: “It’s that you have to take risks because that’s what we do. The danger, more than anything, is for those who do not have the experience, but we try to find a way around it and, as you learn and get used to it, the risks are less, it is not that they do not exist, it is that there are better and greater control”.

Dipré recommends that those who do not know about this type of technology, be cautious when learning and try to do it in a physical space that does not represent greater dangers.