Vivo Y21S: review of the new smartphone with powerful battery and 50 MP camera

The Vivo brand launches its new team in Peru I live Y21S a budget-friendly smartphone that has several features that allow it to compete against other Asian companies on the market such as Huawei and Xiaomi. This cell phone stands out for its powerful battery and three cameras in high resolution especially the main one that maintains 50 megapixels.

For the moment, Alive has not revealed the official price with which it will be launched in our country, but internationally it borders the 149 euros. Next, We tell you all the details you need to know about this new mobile device so that you can evaluate its good powerl.

The I live Y21S It is presented inside a white box containing the smartphone in good condition and its corresponding accessories, among which there is a silicone shell Very flexible transparent, with which you can protect it from possible falls.

Like several smartphones of the latest generation, it has a charger with cable USB type C and your power adapter. In the same way, it brings with it headphones of the brand, a small key to open the SIM tray, and its instruction manual in several languages.

The left part of the mobile is completely free, since a rather peculiar detail of this phone is that the entrance of the SIM card it is located at the top. But the most curious thing about the cell phone is that its fingerprint reader is located on the right side together with the classic buttons to turn the equipment on and off, as well as the keys to increase or decrease the sound volume.

The lower part is made up of the outlet of audio and sound the headphone input and also the connector to charge the cell phone or connect to another device. The dimensions of the Y21S are 164.26 millimeters high 76.08 wide and 8 thick; meanwhile, the phone does not weigh much, because its size and weight of 182 grams make it a medium and a bit robust device.

At the moment, it is presented in pearl white and midnight blue, and both models work with the QWERTY keyboard. It also has two versions available on the market: the 4GB and 8GB of RAM both with 128 GB of storage 4G technology WiFi AC connectivity Dual sim Bluetooth 5.0 Android 11 operating system and a processor MediaTek Helio G80.

In our case, the cell phone sent had pre-installed apps from Google Play, but it did not have the classic social networks, which we then had to download along with several applications to be able to check their development.

The new Y21S has a built-in 6.51-inch HD plus screen and accompanies us with a IPS panel that provides better video quality, along with an automatic refresh rate of 90 Hz. These details allow series and movies from streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime to be viewed in the highest resolution available in their latest update. .

Similarly, the option LCD display The Y21S can reflect and absorb more or less light as needed. The display can reach actual definitions up to 1600×720 px achieving a visual experience that has nothing to envy to other brands, because in the games that we played the days we had the team, the fps showed an incredible quality.

In the camera and photography section, despite not being the main strength of the Vivo Y21S, its 50MP on the rear camera They offer the user a high resolution for their photos. In total, there are three rear lenses that you will have to use, so the main sensor completes the list with its Super Macro and Bokeh camera of 2MP each.

On the front camera, the smartphone offers 8 megapixels and is located in the upper middle part of the computer. Among the main qualities, highlights the option for selfies facial beauty that softens the skin and erases certain imperfections on the face to be focused, thanks to the optical image stabilizer.

In the test days we had the cell phone, we took some photos to be able to verify the good resolution of the Y21S both in the rear camera, as well as in the front one to measure the difference in pixels between the two. The result of the images can be seen below:

Among the particularities that stand out in this team, is the powerful 5,000 mAh battery that takes great advantage by also having a powerful 18W load characteristics equal to those of many other higher-end phones, thanks to its vivo Energy Guardian technology.

Possibly, this feature is the best of all the equipment, since it allows you to charge the cell phone in a short time. For example, in our experience, when we turned on the mobile It came with 20% battery, and it took just 45 minutes to get to a full charge.

Similarly, with the battery at 100%, as a test mode we used the smartphone to play cell phone titles like PUBG with all the brightness of the screen and we could notice that every seven minutes it dropped 1%, which would represent 700 minutes of approximate duration that is to say, it would last almost 12 hours demanding the most of the smartphone.

These times are variable according to the programs and functions you have at the same time as your main use. It is advisable not to have many applications at the same time so that the system runs better. Also, an important addition to highlight of the Y21S is the reverse charge function that transforms your mobile device into an additional battery, but that is charged with the OTG cable that is not included in your purchase.

In short, if you want or need a regular cost equipment, the Vivo Y21S is a perfect option so you can try the latest in 4G technology and a good new alternative to start with Chinese brand phones. While it is true that Vivo is practically new in Peru, the company offers an experience similar to that of others already positioned around the world.

Available cameras allow you to take photos in high quality and selfies in good resolution to record our best moments. Meanwhile, the battery is the best of this cell phone, because it lasts a considerable amount of time if it is demanded to the maximum.