Voucher in Chile: three subsidies available to apply in the neighboring country

The president-elect of chili Gabriel Boric, will be the youngest head of state in the history of his country. On the other hand, who was the winner in the largest vote in terms of electoral participation, has specified that “you have to be very responsible for fiscal spending.”

That is why his next Government, through the approval of Congress, will propose the discontinuation of the Emergency Family Income, also known as Universal IFE. His last delivery was made in December 2021. Even so, There are other benefits that the State has provided to which each Chilean citizen may apply..

In the following article, review what it is about and the requirements to be able to enroll, pending state confirmation.

A main requirement before the exposure of monetary benefits is the Social Registry of Households (RSH). You must be registered in the RSH to be able to apply for the bonds. There are three economic contributions: IFE Labor Protege Subsidy and Guaranteed Minimum Income.

This benefit It is delivered by the National Training and Employment Service (Sence). Benefits the old creditors of the old New Employment Subsidy. The Government announced that the contribution will be extended until March. That is, you will have to apply for that month. Payments, meanwhile, will be in May.

In the following link you must write your request, in addition to adding your Unique Civil Registry Code: https://sele.sence.gob.cl/Login/

This state payment aims to support parents with children under two years of age who are not guaranteed by their employer the right to a crib. The bonuses reach a sum of 200,000 Chilean pesos for each child, and are delivered for a period of three months.

To register and consult the inclusion or separation, enter the following link: https://selp.sence.gob.cl/Login/

The Guaranteed Minimum Income is an economic subsidy aimed at dependent workers who have contracts with ordinary hours, which allows increasing the guaranteed income in a liquid salary of $ 319,600 pesos.

The payment date will depend on the month in which you apply, since payments are deposited the last five business days of the following month. In order to apply, enter the following link: https://www.ingresominimo.cl/