Wanda Nara on Mauro Icardi’s chats: “When I saw the message, I grabbed my children and left”

This Tuesday, November 23, the businesswoman Wanda Nara broke her silence and spoke for the first time about the scandal between her husband, the soccer player Mauro Icardi, and the actress María Eugenia ‘China’ Suárez. While it is true that at the time Nara spoke on his social networks, this time it was different because he was seen giving his face in front of cameras.

The event occurred in Paris, France, during an exclusive interview with Susana Giménez’s program. At the moment, only a preview of the entire show has been aired, which will finally air on November 30 on Paramount +. However, this sneak peek has been enough to shock viewers with Wanda’s statements.

One of the details that was most impressive to see how the Eiffel Tower was in the background, since the conversation took place in the exclusive Ritz hotel. “Now the ‘Wandagate’ begins” the well-known television host began by saying. The first question was the one that all the Argentine and international celebrities wanted to know: “How did this start? Did you see Mauro’s phone? ”Said Susana.

It all started on a family trip. “We were in a field, the girls were riding horses and I looked for a photo on the phone. There I saw screenshots of a chat with a very famous woman that you already know “ He pointed out in reference to ‘China Suárez’, whom he decided not to mention at any time.

She also revealed that it was not the only time she checked her husband’s cell phone, but that it was the first time she saw the chats between the footballer and the artist. “The first thing that came to mind was to put a story,” he said, recalling the controversial phrase he posted in an Instagram post on October 16.

After that, Wanda Nara commented that several versions of what happened began to be generated, where facts were misrepresented or stories were made up, and that is why she also decided to speak. “It’s the price you pay for being famous,” interpreted Susana Giménez. Likewise, Nara took the opportunity to deny her husband’s alleged infidelity with a dancer during a trip to Ibiza in 2018.

“We never had problems of this kind, I can swear to you on my five children. When I saw the message, I took my five children and on the first plane I went to Italy. And he came on the plane behind me ”, revealed the businesswoman. Later, she commented that she was not afraid to leave and start over by stating that she has worked since she was very young.

Almost at the end of the first part of the interview, Susana Giménez asked Wanda if Mauro Icardi and ‘China’ Suárez got to see each other. “We both trust blindly in everything, I put my hands in the fire for Mauro, but I felt that there was a break. Later, he told me that there was an encounter and that it was nothing. I think anything could have happened, but it’s true that nothing happened, “he added.

Then she explained why she decided to forgive her husband. “We can continue together, and I would start over with him because it was he who showed me how they happened, and he is sorry. I believe in forgiveness and I believe in the word. I looked him in the eyes, we were alone and I believe in his regret, ”she said, sure of herself.

After a few moments, Mauro Icardi entered the set. The player hugged Susana Giménez and gave his wife a tender kiss. “I’m not fixed, I just came like that,” said the footballer, justifying himself by an informal look. “I thought he wanted to charge for being here,” Wanda said in surprise.