“Wanted”: senior Chavista leader requests jail for Juan Guaidó and allies on posters

The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in front of a background with measures as in the case file and the text “wanted” for “thief”: God given hair Considered the number two of Chavismo, he showed this Wednesday posters to ask for jail for this leader and his allies.

“Some very nice posters like for a fair,” said Cabello, who is also a member of Parliament, showing the black and white ballots in the style of the Wild West with the faces of several opposition leaders.

“Thief and murderer must be put to some”, added.

Guaidó is recognized as “president in charge” of Venezuela after ignoring the reelection of Nicolas Maduro in 2018 for considering it fraudulent.

And it received the support of several countries, including the United States, which gave it control of vast resources blocked abroad, which Chavismo assures it has squandered.

The authorities have opened numerous investigations against this 38-year-old leader, although he has never been placed under arrest.

Only once was he detained for a few hours in January 2019, and then, in 2021, he had an altercation at his home with security agents, ultimately being released.

“There will be surprises and there will be justice,” Cabello promised. “Don’t run away.”

In addition to Guaidó, the parliamentarian shared posters of other opposition leaders, including Freddy Guevara, who was already arrested in July, accused of “terrorism” and “treason,” and then released a month later to join the opposition team in a process of a political negotiation process in Mexico that today is suspended.

There were also other leaders such as Miguel Pizarro, Stalin González and Henry Ramos Allup, in addition to Manuel Rosales, who won the governorship of the populous state of Zulia (west) in the regional elections last November.

“Here a crowd is missing in these posters, where is Capriles?” He said in reference to the two-time presidential candidate for the opposition, Henrique Capriles.

Maduro, the target of a battery of international sanctions that sought to remove him from power without success, asked the day before for an investigation of the previous Parliament that controlled the opposition and that they lost in 2021 by not appearing in the legislative elections of the previous year.

Guaidó however, he defends the continuity of that Assembly, which is also the basis for his “presidency”.