Was the fight that Mario Irivarren and Tefi Valenzuela had in Combate real or armed?

Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida, better known as ‘The China’, were encouraged to launch their own podcast on YouTube, called “Com FM”. It was so, the first episode they decided to title it “The Truth of Combat”, there the remembered reality figures of competition they decided to tell unpublished details about their time in the ATV program.

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In a long conversation of almost 45 minutes, it was ‘The China’ who began to remember the passage of Stephanie Valenzuela in Combat, and Mario He decided to confess about the episode where many fans witnessed a strong discussion that took place between the figure of today’s “This is War” and the model and singer today. In this note we will tell you everything about this episode in the remembered competition program.

Mario Irivarren: Was the fight you had with Tefi Valenzuela real or armed?

Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida confessed that at that time the production of Combate tried to build romances, fights and many more occasions which can continue to add more to the reality part of the ATV program.

While the popular ‘China’ confessed to an episode that happened between her and the valenzuelafor his part Mario decided to comment once more on the famous fight he had with the Tefi.

irivarren recalled that because of the discussion he had with valenzuela, the model was harshly criticized, but she did not hesitate to mention once again that at that time the public did not know that everything was an act. But Fabianne revealed that the competitors at the time did not know that everything was armed and they also went against the model.

Likewise, the still-boy reality show confessed that the Combate production told him and Tefi everything they had to do to make that fight look very real.

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Mario Irivarren: This was the fight with Stephanie Valenzuela

The so famous fight between Mario Irivarren Y Stephanie Valenzuela It originated because the still small reality admitted at that time in the well-remembered program ‘Hello, everyone’ that the presence of the actress on the set of ‘Combate’ bothered him. But apparently these statements did not like anything to the peruvian modelwho assured in front of cameras that her ex-partner did not help her practice for the tests, despite having been selected as her coach.

It was after that event that the ex-combatants decided to settle their differences in the show’s dressing rooms, and by then they made the entire audience believe that neither of them knew they were being recorded.