Was your cell phone stolen? This way you can prevent the thief from emptying your bank accounts

A few years ago, it was quite common for cell phone thieves to return the chip to their victims, since it was of little use to them; however, that changed with the advent of smartphones. Criminals now are not satisfied with taking your smartphone, they also seek to enter your financial applications and empty your bank accounts.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to be informed. The first thing you should do when a thief steals your cell phone is to call your operator and ask them to block your line. You can also request that your device be locked using the IMEI number that you find on the box of the device or by pressing the combination *#06#.

Some criminals manage to reactivate the lines of their victims. For this reason, it is recommended that you put a password on your SIM card. This way, if the thief tries to use the chip in another phone, he won’t be able to do it, since he will need a security key that only you will know.

In some cases, SIM cards may come with a default key that the user does not know. As detailed by the National Police of Peru, these four digits vary according to the operator you have chosen. For example, for Movistar and Entel users it is 1234, for Claro it is 1111 and for Bitel it is 0000.

Additionally, you have to go to the nearest police station to file the corresponding complaint or call 9424-40729. In case you cannot for some reason, you should know that you can do it through its website (www.policia.gob.pe); you just have to follow these simple steps:

You may not know it, but Android and iOS devices have a mechanism that allows you to know their exact location, in case the thief has not turned them off. This tool not only allows you to know where your smartphone is, but you can also make it ring or reset it to factory mode so that they don’t see your personal information.

Android users just need to type ‘Find my Google device‘ from any computer and enter the first result. You will need to log in and select the computer you want to locate. For iPhones it is something similar, you have to write ‘Find My iPhone from iCloud‘, enter your Apple ID account and you’re done.