“We bankrupt oars to become a mermaid”: Rodrigo jokes with Photoshop by Johanna San Miguel

You noticed it too. The popular, Rodrigo González returned to social networks to connect with his followers and, true to his style, commented on the main topics of local entertainment after staying away for several days to enjoy a vacation. This time, it was the host of This is War, Johanna San Miguel.

As expected, the conductor of Love and Fire He evidenced the excess of Photoshop in the images that celebrities publish on Instagram, but that of the former Claun shared it with a phrase.

In the image you can see Johanna who wears a bikini sitting on her back on a surfboard, however, what quickly caught the attention of users was that one of the oars has a pronounced curve.

Johanna San Miguel opens the seas more than Moisés and breaks the oars to become a mermaid! Then he deleted the photo, but the rodriguistas are always faster,” wrote the driver in one of the photos that was kept by his followers, Well, the publication of the host, no longer exists. What happened?

Rodrigo González and his television debut

The first appearance he had Rodrigo gonzalez It was in the Magaly TeVe program, in 1997, when he was still studying Communication Sciences. In addition, it is at this time that his nickname Peluchín was born.

But the presenter had a short participation, because after his studies he traveled to Spain for four years. In 2009, thanks to her godmother Magaly, she started in the world of show business in the magazine Hola a Todos.