Whale season: ready to see the humpbacks?

The Samaná Bay Boat Owners Association and the Santa Bárbara community are ready to welcome visitors who this year have decided to repeat or live for the first time the experience of observing humpbacks up close.

Everything will be done following the recommendations suggested by the Tourism authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Conservationist Kim Beddall, from Whale Samaná, a pioneer of whale watching trips in the area since 1983, tells Listín Diario.

Recommendations include limiting the number of passengers on boats by 85% (to ensure distance), the use of masks and gel, and frequent hand washing.


Beddall indicates that the season officially begins this Saturday, January 15, with a symbolic activity on the boardwalk of the Buenos Aires city.

At 5:30 pm, the ships will be blessed by the father of the Catholic Church of Samaná, in an activity in which several pastors of evangelical churches will also participate. “It’s kind of a blessing that represents everyone to do well and have a good season,” says Kim. The fleet will parade in front of the boardwalk and then the metal frame of a whale’s tail will be lit, which will remain brightening the nights of the boardwalk throughout the season.


Kim invites visitors to consider scheduling trips with tour operators committed to conservation and doing tours with authorized boats that respect cetacean observation standards.

“The rules are to protect the whales, so they must make sure that they are leaving with boats that have their permission, that they follow the security measures and that they comply with the norms that regulate the observation of whales ”, explains the defender of the animals of Canadian origin. Each of the 43 vessels with permission to offer sightings at the Bancos de La Plata and La Navidad marine mammal sanctuaries bears a visible flag from the Ministry of the Environment and a number that endorses their license. “That assures them that they are not dating pirates,” warns Kim. The regulations try not to cause stress in the cetaceans, respecting their space and mating and parturition tasks. For example, Only three boats are allowed at the same time in the observation area of ​​a whale or group of whales. They will be able to approach within 80 meters of a mother and her calf and 50 meters of the other whales.


If you go … and you want to meet Kim. Whale Samaná makes a daily trip leaving at 10:00 in the morning from the main pier in Samaná. Beginning February 12, the “peak” month for whale watching, it will offer two daily trips.

Combos. The user can choose to only see the whales or combine the excursion with a visit to Cayo Levantado and lunch.

Ready to see them? Since mid-December, specimens of Megaptera novaeangliae strolling their monumental bodies off the coasts of La Guázuma, Las Galeras, Punta Balandra and even in front of the Punta Cana International Airport.