What about the judge who kissed a life sentenced man and faces serious charges?

The criminal judge Mariel Suarez It has caused a stir in Argentina but not because of any decision made in court. In a video, the moment in which she kissed with a highly dangerous prisoner sentenced by a court that she herself was part of was captured.

Is about Cristian ‘Mai’ Bustos who was sentenced to life imprisonment on December 22 for the murder of a police officer in Corcovado, an event that happened in 2009. On Wednesday 29 they kissed at the Provincial Penitentiary Institute (IPP) of Trelew.

Now the senator Ignacio Torres placeholder image He requested a political trial and dismissal against Suárez, considering that he “lacks objectivity.” The magistrate was the only one who voted against the life sentence for aggravated murder.

“He lacks objectivity and reveals wrongdoing by using his own position for personal matters,” criticized the legislator of Together for Change in dialogue with the local portal Infobae.

Added to this, since last week, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) has processed a summary against him by the Police Headquarters of the province of Chubut.

For its part, The judge denied that she had a romantic relationship with the inmate and he assured that, in reality, it was all part of an academic work.

“It is very difficult for me to be a judge and this writing, the academic part, is like an escape from all the things that justice limits you. That is to say, it is very difficult, it is not easy, ”Suárez told the Noticias Argentinas agency.

He maintained that he has 20 years “of working outside, on the street” and his annoying personality. “I am as disruptive, I obviously follow the rules of the judicial issue, but no one can shut me up, and no one can tell me what to say, and that obviously generates some discomfort.”

“Not being affiliated with any legal corporation makes nobody protect me in the judicial sphere, and I entered the Judiciary alone, taking part in the competition. And that is my workhorse: my security, my ability and my way of being ”, added Suárez.