What are password managers and why should you install one on your phone?

Using passwords is part of our day to day. Technology is constantly becoming more complex as we use our devices in all of our daily activities. In that way we keep sensitive information that we want to keep well protected. The password managers they can agglomerate them all in a single application. In this note you will discover the best useful apps for creating keys.

However, before detailing which are the best managers, it is necessary to specify that these are applications that save all the passwords you have on your device. What’s more, it is not convenient to use the same password for all your sites websites and apps, because there is a risk that a cyber attack will put you in a critical situation.

Remembering all the keys that we handle can be a complicated task, and it is in this situation that a password management app must be handled. Thus, one can centralize them in a safe place and which is also accessed by a password or by biometric identification.

Then we leave you the detailed list with the password managers most used by users.

This manager has the advantage of allow access to your passwords through biometric identification. The passwords will be stored on all the devices on which you used the app and are automatically synchronized. You can try it for free, but if you want to use it forever, it is recommended to use the subscription model.

It is multiplatform and has the advantage of being free. It stands out not only for creating strong passwords, but because you can easily share them with your contacts. In addition, it periodically analyzes registered passwords and warns you if any may be compromised.

It stands out for the use of the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard protocol, which makes it very secure. In addition, it is synchronized in the cloud with the service you want, such as Drive or Dropbox, so you can have them handy wherever you want. It also analyzes the robustness of the keys and provides guidance on them.

Although these apps suggest passwords that can be cracked with difficulty, it is worth knowing a system to create a secure password that only you can remember. This method will allow you to create your passwords easily and you can easily remember them. Do not forget that your password must include all this: