What are the advantages and disadvantages of phones with removable batteries?

A few years ago, all smartphones had removable batteries, that is, they were equipment where you could remove this component and change it for another in seconds. However, over time, technology brands such as Samsung, Motorola, among others, decided to bet on smartphones with a unibody design, which are characterized by being a single piece that cannot be opened.

Currently, cell phones with removable batteries have not disappeared from the market, since there are still companies that manufacture them. The only problem is that these phones usually belong to the entry range, that is, they are very cheap equipment with very basic specifications. Mid-range, high-end, and premium models generally feature a unibody design.

What are the advantages of phones with removable batteries?

People who had a smartphone with these features usually had more than one battery, which they could change whenever they wanted. This prevented them from waiting several hours while charging their cell phone, they only had to open the lid of the equipment, take out the worn part and put the one that had power. With unibody cell phones, this practice is impossible, since only a technician can remove said piece.

Another point in favor of phones with removable batteries is that you could easily restart them when they hung up. Back then, it was quite common for cell phones, even those of famous brands, to freeze for some reason. To remedy this, users simply had to take the battery out and put it back. In this way, they forced the restart of the equipment that turned on as new.

Finally, another advantage of smartphones with removable batteries is that people did not spend much on repairs. Currently, when a phone has autonomy problems, most take it to a technician who usually charges large sums of money to change the damaged part. Before you just bought a new battery (preferably original) and replaced it with the old one.

What are the disadvantages of phones with removable batteries?

One of the disadvantages of removable battery phones is that they have a more robust design. Thanks to brands turning to unibody kits, we now have thinner and lighter phones. Similarly, in modern smartphones, constantly changing the battery prevents users from damaging the connectors or any internal component.

Although there were some exceptions, most phones with removable batteries were not waterproof, so the substance could easily get wet on the main components. Modern cell phones do not have this problem, since many have certifications that make them resistant, not only to the ingress of liquids, but also to dust.