What are the countries where you could have problems if you connect from a VPN?

In the world, internet access does not occur equally in all countries, since some impose more restrictions than others for various reasons. It is known that there are cases in which the censorship of the Government limits the operation of certain sites search results configuration, data tracking and more. For that reason, use a VPN would not be suitable in all locations on the planet, since several servers will limit the operation of your devices instead of offering more capabilities.

Although certain countries have a notable reputation for data protection, others do not meet minimum privacy standards. Thus, connecting to a bad server can lead to security breaches that will reduce your internet speed or even get you arrested.

Only some government officials, researchers and students from the best universities can access a global internet. The rest can opt for a limited intranet service in which all information and foreign access is null and void, including VPNs.

Likewise, the servers usually have connection failures, so It is difficult to access exclusive content from that location since the network can fall at any moment.

Firewalls abound in Asian territory, the government filter that limits searches for specific content, and a lot has to do with their policies against foreign news portals and social networks that are suspicious for their interests.

In case you migrate with your VPN, you will not access Facebook and YouTube, nor international information portals.

It is another of the countries that are experts in cybersecurity, but it is not entirely good for those who live outside of it. The Russian government controls the use of the Internet at its borders. Thus, if you are interested in accessing their most reliable servers, it is important that you know that none of them guarantees the protection of your privacy.

The country does not allow access to content of social controversy and politics without suffering arrests from the local government. Internet cafes are known to be required to keep track of their customers’ browsing activities. In any case, you would have to seriously rethink whether it is worth using their servers to see exclusive content.