What are the most dangerous types of malware that can infect your cell phone?

Like computers, smartphones can be infected with different types of malware. malware some more dangerous than others. To prevent this from happening, you should be very careful about what you download, as these malicious codes often hide in Applications published on pages of dubious origin. It is recommended to always download your apps from official stores, such as the Google Play Store or the App Store.

However, never blindly trust these platforms, as despite their nature, they are not malware-free. A few weeks ago, for example, Google removed three applications (Style Message, Blood Pressure App and Camera PDF Scanner) from the Play Store because they were infected with the dangerous Joker virus, a malware that has been present in the store since 2017. of Android devices.

For this reason, before downloading an application from the Play Store, it is always advisable to check that they are not so recent, also check that their developers are a trusted company, since many create these fake programs to infect more devices. Finally, always check user reviews and be suspicious of those with only five stars, as they could have been given by bots.

What are the most dangerous malware for Android?

As detailed by ESET, the most common and dangerous types of malware for Android users are ransonware, banking Trojans and RATs, also known as remote access Trojans. What do they do? Here we explain.

1. Ransomware: the main characteristic of this type of malware is that it locks the device and ‘hijacks’ it. We will only be able to recover it after we have paid a certain amount of money to the cybercriminal. The other solution is to format it, but you will lose all your files.

2. Banking Trojans: As its name indicates, they seek to steal the passwords of the banking applications that you have installed on your phone, with the aim of stealing your money. Some even manage to break the authentication systems of these financial platforms.

3.RATS: This type of malware allows the hacker to have control of your phone remotely, which allows him to capture the keystrokes (to know your bank passwords), he can also spy on you through the microphone or the camera, by recording calls, take pictures, among other actions.