What are the navigation buttons on your phone and why do you have to disable them?

Until a few years ago, when one wanted waking up early or set a reminder, the normal thing was to use an alarm clock. However, with the advent of mobile phone, this functionality was assimilated so that the equipment itself emits the sound that makes it possible for you to arrive on time to any event. Now, this application has been updated on the devices with Android operating system and It is now possible to record your own alert with a custom tone.

The option to add an alarm and timer sound is presented with a new button to record an audio that will replace the default melodies. In this way, you will only have to enter the Clock application of your phone and set the tone of your preference.

Thanks to the update, you will be able to record a song, the words of your partner or family member, and even the sounds your pet makes. The item will be saved in the app and you can find it in the section recorded sounds. You can build your personal library and select the one you like best for certain alarms.

It is important to note that the ability to upload your own alarm was available in the Clock app, but it was only possible to insert it through an extremely tedious process. As such, you had to record the voice with third-party services and save said file in memory. Then, in the application, you would go to the ringtones section and choose the option to add a melody from the file explorer.

If your Google app is still not updated with the news, you can follow the steps mentioned in the previous paragraph, which, although it is an alternative measure, is still safe, but it will take more time.