What are the tweaks that Jossmery Toledo has done?: “I accept it”

The ex-chica reality Jossmery Toledo continues in the sights of the cameras of show programs, after starring in an ‘ampay’ with the footballer Paolo Hurtado, with whom she was once again caught in an affectionate situation in “Love and Fire”hinting that their relationship never ended, as it did with his still wife Rosa Fuentes.

It should be noted that the former non-commissioned officer is in Lima and has not stopped showing herself training in the gym, accompanied by her friends, with whom she attends bodybuilding competitions, showing a fairly neat figure, although she has not yet applied as a candidate to compete. How many ‘arrangements’ does she have? We tell you, here.

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What are the touches of Jossmery Toledo?

In an interview with Magaly Medina, the former participant of ‘This Is War’ He pointed out that he likes to exercise and cares a lot about his diet to keep his body in good physical condition, but about the “little help” from the surgeon, he only recognized an aesthetic operation.

“Tell me, if my body is a surgeon’s, I accept your nose, I do accept that, I have always accepted it, I don’t have breasts,” he said emphatically after listening to the show host mention that his legs were obviously natural due to the physical effort he made.

However, at popular ‘magpie’ He had doubts as to whether her butt was natural, but she clarified it: “The butt? Do you want to touch it? No, the butt grows as a result of exercising with time and food, but it’s not that I have that much either,” said. In some more recent photos, she appears to have had a breast augmentation, but this has not been confirmed.

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What is the relationship between Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo?

The “Love and Fire” cameras captured Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo last weekend of April, right in the fortnight of the month, enjoying spending time together as if they were a romantic couple hugging and kissing on public roads.

This closeness has taken several users by surprise who imagined that, after the ampay that ended the marriage of the athlete with Rosa Fuentes in Magaly TV The Firmhis relationship with the former petty officer had ended and they would not see each other again.

It is important to note that none of those involved have mentioned whether they are a official couple or they’re just friends hanging out, like a romantic couple, without any press remorse.

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Did Paolo Hurtado try to reconcile with his wife Rosa Fuentes?

A ‘like’ from Paolo Hurtado It caused many doubts about what is happening with Rosa Fuentes, his still wife, since he hinted that he would have been looking for a reconciliation.

“Beware of letting go of a good love for being confused,” was the Instagram post in which it was captured that the footballer of the arequipeño team I had ‘liked’ it.