What became of Monica Lewinsky? The current life of the “intern” who marked the presidency of Bill Clinton

At the end of the 90s, world political life was marked by the extramarital affairs of Bill Clinton, then President of the United States, and Monica Lewinsky, a young woman who was interning in the Government.

The scandal almost cost him the position and the marriage, but the president managed to redirect it in his favor. After finishing his years in power and reconciling with his wife, Hillary, he has dedicated himself to giving conferences around the world but … what happened to his lover?

The Spanish medium “divinity.es” brought back this controversial figure, which made the presidential marriage tremble.

According to the media, the media exposure of her secret affair with the president of the world’s leading power cost Monica a very high price: it is not easy to be a 20-year-old who becomes a global trend for having practiced oral sex with her boss who, to top it all, was the president of the United States.

Although there was no social media boom, it didn’t stop it from being a cover story. In just one year up to 70 rap songs were recorded mocking its history. It was the “government feladora”, a not honorable title that today no one would dare to use. “I was patient zero to lose reputation on a global scale, almost instantly,” she would declare years later.

After the scandal, Lewinsky tried to make the situation profitable by becoming the image of slimming products and took advantage of the media pull to grant exclusive millionaires. It was in all the media and it was the fashionable claim: he wrote a book with his testimony, he marketed a line of bags and presented a reality show in the style of ‘The Island of Temptations’. It seemed that he had managed to redirect the situation in his favor but in 2005 his mind could not take it anymore and after several suicide attempts he withdrew from public life.

Land in between

Lewinsky put land in the middle and went to London, where he enrolled in Psychology and Economics. In the British capital she dedicated herself to studying and discovered that she loved to sew, an activity that became a therapy for her.

Once she graduated, she tried to dedicate herself to humanitarian activities but “her past” made all doors close on her, so she decided to use her story in a positive way: she began to give lectures about the harassment she suffered. Her talks were inspiring and motivating for more and more people and in 2014 Vanity Fair magazine signed her up as a collaborator to address these types of issues.

This year, it has also become a television producer and will soon premiere a documentary program about stories similar to hers that will be titled ’15 Minutes of Shame ‘.

“I am interested in telling stories that entertain, that invite reflection and that awaken emotions, that encourage us to speak and explore the human condition from a different perspective. Having seen how my story has been manipulated for years, I am interested in those voices and those perspectives that we have not been able to see or hear ”, he declared.

A quarter of a century after the storm, Monica has managed to take advantage of her mistakes, redirect her life and reconcile with her past. To such an extent that she even jokes with him in the biography of his Twitter profile: “Producer, anti-bullying activist, speaker, Vanity Fair collaborator, muse of rap song, ex-beret model and seamstress”, she says of herself .

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