What career did Mario Irivarren study and why couldn’t he finish it?

Marisol Crousillat, the remembered ‘Queen Mother’ of “Combate”, as soon as she saw Mario Irivarren, discarded him to add him to the new competition program that ATV was preparing in 2011. However, Vania Bludau’s ex-partner had a stroke of luck at the last minute and managed to become in a reality boy. However, despite this episode, the fighter firmly believes in effort and hard work to achieve goals, as he did before entering show business, seeing that his father could not afford his higher education.

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What career did Mario Irivarren study?

Mario Irivarren studied Administration and Marketing at the San Ignacio de Loyola Institute (ISIL) and did so thanks to a scholarship, according to what he told Christopher Gianotti on his YouTube channel, in May 2022.

“I found out that if I worked at the Delosi Group, they were going to give me a half scholarship at ISIL. And if I got a grade greater than 16, I would have a full scholarship, ”he explained. However, the reality boy had to wait until he reached the age of majority to apply. “When I turned 18, I signed up for the page, I entered KFC, I waited the corresponding six months, They gave me my scholarship and I joined ISIL. My first weighted average was 17, they gave me the full scholarship And that’s how I studied,” he explained.

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Why didn’t Mario Irivarren finish his career?

When the producer of “Combate”, Pepe Lucho, invited Mario Irivarren to attend a casting on ATV, the reality boy took it with suspicion. However, once inside him, he reconsidered his priorities, among which was leaving his career unfinished.

“When I started, I said: ‘This is for me.’ I lost my scholarship, I gambled everything for everything because they told me there was a prize car. I won it in the second season. I told myself: ‘I am agile, I am strong’. I knew that I was going to eat everyone, but I did not win the car because it was for teams, ”he said in the interview he gave to the YouTube channel ChiquiWilo, in November 2022.

On the other hand, receiving his first salary of 500 dollars in “Combate” was a great encouragement. But Mario Irivarren does not hide the fact that he was upset when he discovered that there were other people who earned much more than him, like Israel Dreyfus.

After an aggressive negotiation, in which he threatened to go to “This is war”, the reality boy began the fifth season receiving more than 10,000 dollars a month, in addition to the 1,500 soles to 3,000 nuevos soles that he charged for shows in the provinces. “It’s that I was the star”he held on his YouTube podcast “COM FM”, along with Fabianne Hayashida.