What character went from ‘guachimán’ in a TV commercial to shine in Al fondo hay sitio this 2023?

It’s been a few years since we saw the commercial dear of the Entel brand, where the phrase of the guachimán remained impregnated in our memory due to his charisma, now he got a new opportunity being a new cast member from “In the Background There is Room”. Who is he and who does he play? We tell you the details, here.

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Who is the character in the commercial that has a role in AFHS?

The commercial was titled as “Yungay has POWER” and it featured a guachimán who didn’t know any English and is approached by a young foreigner who says ‘I love you guy’, but he hears it as ‘Yungay’, thinking it refers to a street.

The protagonist is called Oscar PachecoHe is a Peruvian actor of approximately 48 years old, who revealed to Trome that he has a daughter who must have already turned 10 years old and, unlike his character in advertising, he speaks several languages: English, Japanese and one more language.

He has participated in various productions such as ‘Lima 13’ by Fabrizio Aguilar, ‘Vidas paralleles’ by Rocio Lladó and ‘Mariposa Negra’ by Francisco ‘Pancho’ Lombardi, and has also lent his voice to voiceovers. In addition, he worked as a theater professor at the Cayetano Heredia University and has a company called ‘Todoloteatral’.

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What is your character in Al Fondo Hay Sitio?

The actor Óscar Pacheco plays Justo Flores in the series “There is room at the bottom”who would be the father of July Flores, brother of Charito and husband of Rosa Sulca, mother of his daughter, with whom he lives in Recuay.

Your character enters the American TV series In the midst of his concern for the accident suffered by his daughter July, when the bus in which he was traveling to Lima to fulfill his dream as a nurse fell off a cliff, his father suffered anguish because he did not know what happened to his little darling.

Also, the character Just Flowers He has shown that he likes to drink, which is why he managed to have a good connection with Tito, but he is also a man who is jealous of his daughter, which is why he has not stopped having his sights on Christopher Montalban.

Óscar Pacheco: Learn more about the actor who plays Justo Flores. Source: Diffusion.

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Óscar Pacheco: This was his performance in “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”

The character he plays Oscar Pacheco He had a conversation with the son of the Montalbán family, who inadvertently ended up confessing to July Flores’ father that his daughter had a lover in Recuay.

When Christopher Montalban mentions Sebastian, Mr. Justo Flores is surprised and mentions not knowing any young man in Recuay with that name or surname, but when they tell him that he is his daughter’s partner, he screams to heaven.

In the following video, you will be able to enjoy the incredible performance of the actor who has already received several positive comments on social networks for his outstanding performance in “There is room at the bottom”.