What did Alicia Retto say about her “television marriage” with Fernando Díaz?

Alicia Retto and Fernando Díaz are the new tails of Latina after saying goodbye to their ATV television home, where they stayed for several years and shared the driving of “ATV news: morning edition”. After that, the journalist commented on the professional bond that unites her with her colleague, with whom she maintains a beautiful friendship, which they call a “television marriage.” For this reason, she gave details of this recent stage and how she has assumed this challenge away from the channel in which she was for 14 years.

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Alicia Retto and her “television marriage” with Fernando Díaz

The communicator spoke about the relationship that unites her with her colleague Fernando Díaz, with whom she shared the leadership of the program for many years on ATV and assured that, despite no longer working together, the friendship that connects them will never be broken.

“I feel proud to see how (Fernando Díaz) grows. I’m a neighbor now, but I’ll always be her TV wife. Nobody is going to take away that link from us, ”Alicia Retto said in an interview she gave to El Popular.

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Alicia Retto talks about how she maintains her friendship with Fernando Díaz

Likewise, Alicia Retto was proud of the opportunity that Fernando Díaz had when he entered as a presenter of “Arriba mi gente” and mentioned that, despite this, their friendship will continue and for now each one is focused on their professional growth.

“The (television) marriage is, for the moment, in the freezer. It’s like when you separate and live as a neighbor. We have given ourselves our time so that each one adds to his new project,” he added.