What did ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe say about Yahaira Plasencia and why did the salsa boat want to sue him?

‘Cuto’ Guadalupe He is a soccer player who was not characterized by being controversial by starring in scandals at the media level. In recent days, the athlete has gone viral due to the images that his still wife starred in when leaving a hotel in the company of a man who was not the former player of the University Sports Club.

Social networks did not hesitate to take advantage of this event and reminded him of Jefferson Farfán’s uncle when he criticized the singer Yahaira Plasencia for her relationship with her relative. Do you want to know what that dispute was like that could end up in a defamation trial? Next, we will give you all the details.

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What did ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe say about Yahaira Plasencia?

The singer Yahaira Plasencia had a sentimental relationship with the soccer player Jefferson Farfán. At first, the inexperienced artist showed how they spent time together with the athlete, but after receiving strong criticism for an alleged infidelity of the player to the mother of his children, Melissa Klug, he preferred to move the cameras away from his romance. This is how she even lived with the talented player in Russia without commenting on anything.

The businessman “Cuto” Guadalupe is the uncle of the influencer and from the beginning he showed that he did not agree with the love affair. However, the differences were accentuated when it was rumored that his relative had forgiven an infidelity to the interpreter of “Leave her” and began to make mocking comments. For example, the time they finished and he assured: “I am not Nostradamus, but time proved me right, now what are they going to tell me, they are going to have to applaud me. One knows things, one has been doing this for many years and knows when love is sincere. Congratulate him, because he achieved his goal and that he continues like this, many successes“.

Another thing that the footballer ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe did not tolerate was the supposed lack of humility of Yahaira Plasencia. So much so that he was encouraged to praise Melissa Klug, who is Jefferson Farfán’s ex-partner: “She knows how fond I am of her. She is a humble woman, she has always proven to be a great mother, she has never forgotten her essence, that is what is important”.

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Why did Yahaira Plasencia want to sue ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe?

The singer Yahaira Plasencia had no qualms about answering the soccer player ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe loud and clear, assuring that he did not know her enough to refer to her with those words: “It is not the first time that this man (‘Cuto’ Guadalupe) refers to He has to talk about someone and I think his favorite person is me. Be careful because everything has a limit and my hand is not going to tremble to send a notarized letter and sue someone if they are talking about me all the time“.

He also added: “Thank God I have talent, I don’t have to sit in any program talking about anyone like that man. I’m not going to answer anything, you have to talk about something for someone else to eat“. Apparently, the mockery of Jefferson Farfán for forgiving an infidelity by the interpreter of “Coward” did not go unnoticed and the culinary businessman was overcharged.

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What did Yahaira Plasencia say about the ampay of ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe’s wife?

The reaction of ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe has gone viral on social networks in recent hours due to the entire media scandal that his wife has caused when leaving the hotel with a partner who was not the footballer. The memes have not been lacking and some indicated that what was happening to him was karma for having criticized the interpreter of “And I told him no”.

That is why the television cameras did not hesitate to ask the artist Yahaira Plasencia if she had something to say about the athlete. That was how the singer explained: “Andor Mr. ‘Cuto’ (Guadalupe) I have never seen him in my life. I know who he is, but I don’t know him personally. The only thing I can say is that at the moment when I felt that the world came crashing down on me, my only support was God and my family. That is my message to everyone who is going through a hard time. I wish everyone well, including Mr. Cuto.”