What did ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe say to his wife, Charlene Castro, after the ampay?

Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe made hundreds of headlines after Magaly Medina exposed her ex-partner Charlene Castro entering a hotel with a businessman and leaving the establishment with a different hairstyle.

After the ampay was issued, the former soccer player held a press conference to publicly announce the end of his 10-year relationship with the mother of his son. On that occasion, he asked that the privacy of his family be respected. However, he was the same former defender of Universitario de Deportes to refer again to castro.

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What did the ‘Cuto’ talk with Charlene Castro?

In a recent interview for a local media outlet, Jefferson Farfán’s uncle commented that, despite the tense family moment he is going through, he knew how to face the situation in the best way possible thanks to those who have been there for him.

He even confessed that he was encouraged to talk with the mother of his son to close this complicated chapter of his life.

“If he was in another stage, I don’t know how he would have reacted. He has caught me in a beautiful stage, many people feel what happened to me as if it were theirs,” she said.

“You have to tell the truth, even if you lose. We talked and the topic stayed there. It was the only time I touched on that topic. It was a closed case,” he confronted his wife.

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‘Cuto’ and Charlene lived together?

The ex-soccer player also stated that he and Charlene Castro They did not live in the same apartment since before the scandal because “Cuto” shares the space with his mother, whom he loves.

“I live with my mom and she lives with me. I do not separate from my mother. Some people will understand me, others won’t,” Guadalupe explained about her close relationship with her mother.

In addition, he stated that he was living in the house of Charlene and his mom’s.

“If she (my mother) lives there (with me) it is because, thank God, I was able to fulfill her dreams (of buying her apartment),” he explained.

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Did ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe forgive Charlene Castro?

During the press conference that the youtuber gave after the ampay of Charlene CastroHe confessed that he had forgiven the betrayal of his son’s mother and that if he had been the one before, he would have reacted in a completely different way.

“Logical because it is part of life. I am in a moment of my life in which I do not have space. If he had caught me in my time as Cuto (bravo), I will go and knock down that building, ”he told the media.

He also confirmed that he never married Charlene Castro but he called her wife because of the love he felt for her.

“I wasn’t married,” said ‘Cuto’, to which a reporter added: “She was his loving wife.” “Of course I called him that, stressed the ex-soccer player.

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Did ‘Cuto’ buy Charlene an apartment?

After the end of the relationship was made public, some details of the couple began to come to light. In this way, it was learned that on one occasion the ex-soccer player gave him a department in Lima.

According to what ‘Cuto’ mentioned, this way I can fulfill one of the greatest wishes that his ex-partner had, that of own ‘depa’.

It’s that apartment castro He lived with the son he had with the former athlete.